BT Brick Saw 14″ 350mm Blade Electric BRICKSAW Made in Australia

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BT Brick Saw 14″ 350mm Blade Electric BRICK SAW Stone Saw Made in Australia

Developed and fine-tuned for over 30 years, the BT Engineering Brick Saw is the world’s leading saw for bricklaying and masonry trades. Proudly Australian made.

Feature-packed with 30mm carriage bearings, 72mm work head bearings, zinc plated to prevent corrosion, exclusive water control, puncture proof tyres, foot control for hands free operation, mitre guide and clear lines of sight, the BT Brick Saw is engineered to last decades.


- 1800 watt electric motor
- Suits 14″ blade
- Depth of cut: 125mm
- Length of cut: 500mm
- Weight: 85kg
- 12 Month Warranty. Made in Australia

Please note that the blade is not included.

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