Donaghys Builder String Line - 100m No8 Fluro Pink

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Donaghys Plaited Nylon Bricklayers Line, otherwise known as "Brickies line" is manufactured from shock absorbing multifilament nylon with 8 plait construction. This line is strong enough for taut line tensioning and will recover when re-wound for long lasting use.

* High strength and recovery from stretch
* High visibility colours
* Strong and flexible re-wind friendly spools in 100m
* Fluro Pink colour

About Donaghys

The company was founded in 1876 in Dunedin, New Zealand, by John Donaghy.  A determined and hard working man whose vision left the legacy that is today a name synonymous with rope, cordage and extruded and injected plastics in Australasia.  The company was built on a work ethic that continues today.

Now a reputable and integral part of the rural community, Donaghys is a ‘can do’ company dedicated to growth opportunities, research and development and keeping pace with the ever changing requirements of progressive industries.  As such, Donaghys has evolved into a leading supplier of performance products with a wider brief and an international attitude.